My Quebec: a natural paradise!

194 countries in the world and I choose my beautiful province, my Quebec!


I want to share with you here the reason for this admiration and some favorites for the Charlevoix region. In my future articles, I would like to share with you my various articles on my Quebec which will deal with subjects such as: my favorite hikes and small cultural treasures, my culinary discoveries and small regional cafés, my responsible practices in nature, as well as my secrets equipment and much more.


The pandemic has cast our two feet in stone … here at home in Quebec! We are caught here and we can no longer go out …



Lucky in our bad luck, our prison is a true natural paradise!


For me, discovering Quebec is not just a pandemic activity. This is my first choice and I hope that through this crisis, we will develop a deep and collective attachment and respect for our lands.


I swear loyalty to our beautiful province and promise to do everything I can to make as many people as possible marvel at it!


The more we love the immensity of our environmental wealth, the more we will want to protect it. Here, it’s good, it’s big, it’s magnificent! We are rich in terms of culture, fresh water, area and landscapes.




The desire to travel, it takes us to the guts.


We all have a crush on one type of adventure. Whether it’s all-inclusive, improvised trips, wild camping trips or humanitarian trips, one thing remains: The goal is to get out of our daily lives.


We don’t eat the same meals and we don’t sleep in the same bed. Bedtime is not at the same time and we are doing more “wild” business than usual.

Often, when you have the budget, you go far and you want to get away from it all, passing through Latin America, European terraces, majestic Asian gardens and so on.



Why I choose Quebec and all its charms.


Well … maybe not a start! I am a student so it was the most accessible choice. I dreamed of the day when I would have the means to return to the south of France to see the precious Mediterranean.


Packing my bags to go discover a new region, it was just while waiting to have the means to go around the world!


Deconstructing my ideas was not very difficult. Without even forcing the note, I fell in love with the vastness of our province. By becoming aware of my environment, I made a commitment to understand it and to know it even to its least coveted entrenchments.

Assis observant la nature

Quebec is huge!


It is a un vast territory with an area* de 1 667 712 km2, 22% of which is covered by water1 1. The size of our end of the earth is full of freshwater lakes, streams and rivers, it is characterized by the prosperous environments of the river, an estuary, a golf course, groundwater sources and wetlands.


All of these veins are as vital to the ecosystem as they are to humanity. The most surprising thing is that they are as majestic as they need to be. We are sitting on a real treasure that we must protect.

This is where I started to sit in the middle of the forest


To listen to the wind blowing through the huge trees. I am always hypnotized by the silence of the Lost Lakes, ecological survivors of modern times. This silence of the lost lakes, ecological survivors of modern times. This silence filled with tingling has sometimes left me witness to hardwoods falling in their last seconds of verticality, shattering the atmosphere. They are precious musical gems.


To witness this great beauty, you have to open up to it. When we treat this territory as an inestimable gift, we get drunk with a passion for a universe of small and big discoveries that change our vision of the world. I am talking to you about the palpable treasures that nature offers us; our first home.

Réflexion au bord de l'eau

Here, we can build an infinity of memories; observe the beavers with their funny ways, sometimes shy bears, the song of loons (the most effective nightlight), the naive shrews that cut your way, even the porcupines and their awkward sway.


We are priceless to have access to such rich and surprising flora and fauna, but just as safe. I gave myself the gift of being surprised by mooses, all kinds of snakes, salamanders, caribou, foxes, beavers, an incalculable variety of insects, plants, trees, etc. There will never be words to match my wonder.

Epicurean on the edges, Quebec fill me up and what can I say about Charlevoix!

I have an almost uncontrollable urge to visit small local cafes, hidden restaurants. The terraces on the water’s edge, the creperies, the small cinemas. Art galleries and all other cultural or gourmet destinations. I can’t wait to share them with you!


Je ne ferai qu’effleurer ici, mais je vous ferai part, dans mes autres articles, de mes coups de cœur pour Charlevoix: ma région préférée.


I will only scratch the surface here, but I will share with you, in my other articles, my favorites in Charlevoix: my favorite region. I will tell you about my detours in the countryside which have made me stop many times at the dairy of La Famille Dufour and the fabulous Migneron de Charlevoix; a world-class barn wheel from the top of its hill. To the more than friendly little companion Art galleries. Of course, I will not hesitate to share with you my faithful habits on St-Jean-Baptiste Street in the magnificent Baie-St-Paul.


My own culinary paradise; the Café Arômes et saveurs, coffees with flavors to come back!  My warm little boutique that is Charlevoix Pure Laine and its thousand handmade wonders. Artistic essentials such as the impressive L’Harmattan  gallery located in Baie Saint-Paul.

One of the favorite places of my childhood in Charlevoix!


Is undoubtedly the small house in which the painter Laurent Lafleur practiced. A small old-fashioned house with surely intoxicating creaks. It is by looking at it that we can imagine the memories that must hover there in a background of absolute silence. Today, I dream of going back!


I also praise the mountains that I have been fortunate enough to encounter. The summits de Charlevoix are able to impress with the romantic landscapes that surround them and the physical challenges they can inflict on you.
The Grands Jardins Park is aptly named. It’s big! Immense! Gorgeous! What about the Hautes-Gorges park on the Malbaie river? Magnificent! Full of challenges for body and soul! They are by far the ones who have taught me the most about myself.


In short, whether on the water, or on dry land, no matter what you see and where you are on the planet, to be amazed is probably the state of mind that allows you to live the most beautiful moments of an adventure.


Once we are capable of that, why not do it in Quebec? Stimulate our economy the general knowledge of our territory? Invest in our own portfolio and immerse yourself in our immense and magnificent territory that is Quebec?


Follow me in my adventures and my discoveries. I sincerely hope that we will end up sharing this love for our great territory which is unique in the world. You can also visit our other Charlevoix pages. You will find plenty of ideas for gastronomic, cultural and sporting activities to enjoy in the region! Be proud to travel to your province!


-By Lilianne Beaudreault-

*Excluding the Newfoundland part of Labrador according to the 1927 route (not final).


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