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From the storm, calm is reborn. Finding zenitude in chaos will make perfect sense here and has never been easier. Carefully decorated in shades of orange, gold, white and black, the Chaos represents the «fire» element. It is often in chaos that we reconnect to the magic, to the magnificent! This unit will allow you to embrace chaos quite differently...


This four-season cocoon, full-length and intimate, has its own terrace and private spa. Each home is equipped with a radiant floor and a wall fireplace, combining warmth and aesthetics, to ensure maximum comfort throughout the year. You will have access to a full kitchenette

Important information!

  • 3 seasons out of 4, or until there is snow accumulation, it will be possible to drive to your unit with your car.
  • if you prefer to walk, our units are located 1 km away in the forest  or at a fifteen minute walk from the welcoming area.  A pulling cart will be provided free of charge.
  • If you prefer, a shuttle service between your unit and the reception, is available on request.
  • The coffee is not provided.  You need to bring espresso or fine grounded coffee.
  • You need to bring your personal soaps as they ar enopt provided.  We do provide dish and hands soaps.  


Lit Queen
Foyer électrique
Plat à fondue

Queen's Bed

Electric Fireplace

Fondue Plate

BBQ (N/A in the winter)

Salle de bain privée

Private Bathroom

Espresso/Latte Coffee Maker


Four grille-pain
Foyer extérieur


Toaster Oven

Outdoor Fireplace

Other Units

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