Christmas 2020: we do this in a different way my love!

Couple heureux relaxe dans le bain

Christmas 2020 already! what a year, we must admit it! First, the period of health crisis experienced this year was not easy!


Events have followed one after the other almost non-stop for several months now. We still know too well where this whole Covid 19 saga will take us by Christmas 2020.


It is likely that our life priorities have changed for many of us. How our value system has eaten a blow and suffered a fiery turnaround!

Friendship ties have done like my pork recipe have frayed


And what about family ties which have in some cases turned sour!


The couple were certainly not spared! Oh no! The past months have not been easy!


The stress level in our head, not knowing too much about the future, of being confined to the house and hearing the spouse sing at the top of his lungs like a pan. Phew!


From constantly having to cut the pear in half between government restrictions and the whims of unresolved children, all of that hit us hard!


Many of us dream of a moment of respite.


A moment that will make us forget how our daily bread doesn’t have the same tasty taste for too long now!

Couple heureux cadeaux de Noël

The icing on the cake, Christmas 2020 is just around the corner!


Oh no! I am not ready! Neither morally, nor physically, nor, nor, nor. Is it me or is the holidays always a little draining? The choice of Christmas gifts is always a puzzle, but this year, Christmas 2020 will be a puzzle of five thousand pieces for sure!


After all, whether one offers gourmet follies, meaningful objects to another, clothes that often end up in the back of the closet or in the basement of a church. Or whether we choose to offer cutting edge gadgets, we often tend to make the “shopping for the better half” quite stressful.


We want to please, we put a lot of pressure on ourselves by thinking that the brilliant idea unearthed, will demonstrate in a proportional way our level of love. Gifts are used to express our feelings. We also show off when we offer a gift.

Looks like at Christmas 2020 this pressure will be even greater … am I wrong?


Gifts are evolving and are a kind of non-verbal language rarely left to chance. At the beginning of a relationship we want to seduce the other with our gifts. Over the years this desire fades and it is frequently the children who pick up the “jack pot”!

The gifts of lovers become practically non-existent, we forget ourselves and we put ourselves aside to the detriment of the children. Giving a gift shows that you have taken time for each other. That you have thought about what he or she likes and which gives him a little cuteness.




Let’s make Christmas 2020 even more unforgettable and rekindle the flame for a while!

Most couples tend to assume that the immediate gifts are the most attractive. But think again, this is where we got it all wrong!


Several studies show that the recipients of gifts say they can wait to appreciate the full value of a gift. In other words, give a gift that we will appreciate later, such as, for example, an annual subscription to different things, a pair of show tickets that will only take place in six months (in times of covid, it’s not bad to be expected … haha!), a getaway gift package scheduled for several weeks, are viewed very positively by gift recipients.


Not to be overlooked, recipients will have a weakness for gifts that will make them live an experience and feel emotions that they will remember for a long time, rather than simply receiving a material good with a fleeting taste.




In the favorites, gift packages of all kinds are popular!


Whether it is gastronomic or cultural packages, romantic getaways or relaxing getaways, there is no shortage of choices on the market!


Eureka! I found it! This year, I am offering me and my honey a romantic getaway with strawberries (from Quebec of course!), Champagne (hum hum uhhh … maybe sparkling wine) rose petals and all and everything… to enjoy later … in Quebec … yes, what a great idea! How intoxicating and exciting it is to give a Christmas present that we will consume, a hundredfold, in several weeks in 2021! I love! Doubly shared pleasures and moments … far from the children for a moment … a blast!




Where to start my research …


Let’s see what’s available online a few clicks away! Offered by most merchants, gift cards or vouchers are always in order and on all occasions. Usually a surfing session on the internet allows you to find and purchase gift cards directly on the website of the merchant of our choice.


For example, if I want to offer my sweetheart a getaway in Charlevoix at Christmas 2020, I will be interested in my research on tourist accommodation in this region.


First of all, by browsing directly on the websites of the various providers of tourist accommodation in Charlevoix, I will succeed in finding a wealth of information. I can even visit the Tourisme Charlevoix, website, a small gold mine of information on the region!


I will also be able to see photos of the places and let myself be intoxicated by what each has to offer.




Ahhh!! Charlevoix and its thousand charms!

I could sleep in an unusual place, observe the magnificent starry sky from the top of the Charlevoix mountains, I could follow the gourmet route and read a book in nature in the evening …


I could choose my favorite season or that of my lover , because it’s still a gift for him that I’m shopping … well actually a little for me too! Hi! Hi!


If you want a turnkey solution without having to invest hours of research into setting up your own package, there is a Quebec company called Coffrets Prestige, which revolutionized the gift certificate and had the brilliant idea of marketing a box which contains very particular things.


This company has unearthed for us more than 1000 different turnkey packages, in Quebec, which will appeal to the epicurean, the sportsman, the lazy, the outgoing, the romantic, the curious, the critic, the wine lover, beer, etc.




You buy the container, but it’s all in the content …


Like a good mason jar filled with my grandmother’s homemade ketchup! We keep it, open it and taste it when we like it the most!


Treat yourself to these little boxed follies allows you to explore our beautiful Quebec, meet the merchants and artisans of our province and of course, encourage our local economy. Whether it’s for a family or couple getaway, whether you have a small or a large budget, you will succeed in finding the box that suits you!


It is possible to order these gift boxes directly online on their site or to obtain them from several merchants such as Buropro Citation, Archambault and in several pharmacies, bookstores, stationery stores across Quebec.


In any case, whether you are hungry for adventure, romance, good food, good wines, original places to sleep or just want to offer something original to enjoy later, all of this does not happen. not only in a box.




Get out of the box this year! This is the gift to US from US!

Be original, be creative and do it differently. Opt for a gift that will please the couple. Treat yourself to it this year at Christmas 2020; this year more than ever … you can say that it is called having the right timing!

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