Glamping: camping reinvented!

Luxury as a bonus; misery in less!


Camping trips when you’re in your early twenties are epic! You don’t necessarily want the ultimate Glamping experience! We crave voluntary simplicity and it’s crazy how we understand the principle of “travel light”: a couple of pair of stockings, underwear, a toothbrush … blah! Not even!


Beer? Yes still room for that … food ?, Yes sure … uh! crisps, jujubes lend themselves to all sauces, bread and peanut butter!


A warm sweater, a sleeping bag, a pillow-like cushion, gas in the car and the Bob Marley CD … that’s it, we leave without worry! Happy weekend dad! Have a good weekend mom!

In our thirties, when the children arrive in the scene, camping trips are less fun, for parents of course! Just the fact of organizing and setting up the expedition itself requires an adrenaline rush all week after our working days, so that everyone is ready to take off at the end of the day on Friday!


Not to forget anything is a challenge in itself.


From clothes for all temperatures, to food for all tummies and situations, from camp beds to tents and poles, plastic dishes, the small propane stove, pétanque games and reading books, Above all, you have to be careful not to forget the toilet paper (must!), oh yes! and mosquito repellent too!


My partner and I are running back and forth between the house, the garage and the minivan. When we finally manage to get into the car, ready to go … ah shit, two seconds, I forgot my backpack and nothing less, the propane tanks for the stove! Phew! exhausted and the weekend hasn’t even started!


It’s been an hour since we left the house and everything is scrolling through my head, I try not to blame myself because my youngest will not have a warm sweater … I forgot! No problem, he will take one from his sister! Pink is popular now for guys! Annie Broccoli’s music, which we now know by heart, and we rush towards our campsite for a week. Youppi!



In our forties, we often abandoned the camping project.


We have done enough! We will turn to all-inclusive much more often than not. The kids are starting to grow up, what they loved about camping is now a thing of the past. They no longer want to follow and start to organize their weekend away from parents.


Going just the two of us in a tent in your forties … blah, it tempts us less! Are we investing in a trailer? Hmmm! No thank you … We treat ourselves to a little luxury, an extraordinary experience … yes, please!

That must be why Glamping was invented. To rekindle the flame of exhausted camping enthusiasts, faced with the excessive organization of such an activity, for so little time of enjoyment!


Glamping is exactly as the name implies. Glamorous camping! Luxury camping, without all the logistical hassle of traditional camping. What a great concept! The term Glamping, which has become an “In” trend, has existed for more than ten years.


It was in Europe that this concept was born. Some tourist establishments, due to their less attractive geographical location, were unable to compete with more “jet set” accommodation on the seashore for example. They turned to another form of accommodation.

Glamping en soirée

Over the years, the concept of glamping has become more refined.

You only bring your food and personal items. You must of course check what each site has at your disposal, but in general, Glamping sites provide everything for your well-being and comfort, making the experience in nature quite exceptional and carefree!

You will have access to a cozy bed including generally high-end bedding, a complete bathroom and towels, all kitchen accessories and this, in unique decorations and styles.


The luxury aspect even extends outside of homes. Very often, the sites are erected in very attractive places. You will either have access to sublime views or pure living nature from the end of your balcony.


Some sites even offer you the opportunity to take advantage of your private spa during your stay. Peace of mind and privacy almost guaranteed!


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